Collar Bomb, On Disney+ Hotstar, Has No Sense Of Urgency, Tension Or Thrill


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Dnyanesh Zoting‘s Collar Bomb starts off on a strange note. Akshay (Naman Jain), son of SHO Manoj Hesi (Jimmy Sheirgill), uses an episode from the life of Mohammad bin Tughlaq to enlighten his father (and us) on the consequences of making a wrong decision. A few minutes later, Manoj assumes a girl is smoking weed and expresses his will to make an arrest. His son corrects him, informing him that it’s a beedi and that there is a trend and hashtag on Instagram supporting the use of beedi (#SmokingBeediIsCool). A few minutes later, their car hits a bird, leading to its death (#AccidentsAreNotCool). What do you learn from these opening highlights? One, the film will ride on a wrong decision made by a character. Two, Manoj judges people based on their outer appearances (he immediately puts the beedi girl in his bad books without knowing her). As for the accident, the bird turns out to be the western tragopan – the emperor of birds. In Collar Bomb, if anyone could be labelled “emperor”, it’s Manoj (he is the main character, after all). So either he will be greeted with death or degradation. The opening sequence does its job of providing a set-up, but it feels off. The scenarios play out like a to-do list and lack cohesiveness.

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