The Last Paradiso On Netflix Is A Delightful, Imperfect Film


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In Rocco Ricciardulli’s Italian movie The Last Paradiso, a married Ciccio Paradiso (Riccardo Scamarcio, who also wrote this film with Ricciardulli) has an affair with Bianca Schettino (Gaia Bermani Amaral), the daughter of a pitiless landlord named Cumpà Schettino (Antonio Gerardi). When someone asks Ciccio if he loves his wife Lucia (Valentina Cervi), he replies with a “yes”. However, he has no love left to give to Lucia. Whatever romance blossoms, it blossoms between Ciccio and Bianca. He spends days and nights tucked in her arms and returns home as if it’s a chore. On one occasion, his son sets out searching for him, leaving his mother worried (a neighbour brings him back). Apparently, the whole town is aware of Ciccio’s affair. He couldn’t care less. If Ciccio has his family protesting against the liaison, Bianca has a sister who objects to it. “Bianca, you’re playing with fire. I mean, Ciccio is married, and he has two children,” says her sister. Ciccio may have been a promiscuous man, but now he is really in love with Bianca. Bianca knows Ciccio is married, but she loves him too. The feeling is mutual. Their act of lovemaking is filmed without vulgarity. The tenderness of sunlight falls with grace on the two bodies as if attempting to build heaven around them. Since heaven cannot be constructed in this hell, they plan to leave the town and start anew.

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