Another Bollywood Director Making His Come Back After 7 Years

Shekhar Kapoor is Making his Come back After a very long time in Bollywood Industry With much anticipated Hindi Movie Paani.

Shekhar has finally found his female lead for the Movie.

Actress Who got the Role in Shekhar Kapoor’s Come Back Hindi Movie Paani futuristic love story is Ayesha Kapur.

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Ayesha Was Seen First in Hindi Movies at age 11, ripped the screen apart in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Black.

Playing the deaf mute and rebellious Michelle McNally in Black, Ayesha had shown no nervousness or self-consciousness while facing the camera with the mighty Amitabh Bachchan who played her teacher.

Nine years later, Ayesha Kapoor is now a stunning 20-year old Hot beauty, is back to claim fame as a leading lady in Shekhar’s Paani. In-between she did an endearing role as a Kashmiri girl in Piyush Jha’s Sikandar.

While the Paani team has been sworn into silence by the film’s producers Yash Raj Films, a source close to the project says, “Shekhar Kapoor’s film is a futuristic Romeo & Juliet set in Mumbai city in the future when water is the greatest wealth. Sushant plays a boy from the lower city who steals into the higher city where he meets Ayesha Kapur.”

Apparently, Shekhar wanted a British actress to play the lead in Paani. He had approached the Twilight actress Kristin Stewart and the Harry Potter actress Emma Watson. Those didn’t work out.

It was destined that Ayesha would bag this coveted role.

Another Bollywood Director Making His Come Back After 7 Years
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