Salman"s Girl Jacqueline QUITS Bollywood After Kick ?

Oh my God! Did you hear this? Salman Khan’s chic Jacqueline Fernandez is reported to soon quit Bollywood! Whoa like really? Yes peeps! As per reports, our Jackie baby was recently been approached for a whopping SriLankan film-‘According to Mathew and guess what? Instead of turning down the offer and settling in Salman’s protégé, Jacqueline is believed to have taken up the SriLankan project for her next! Whoa! Now does that mean, she is going back to Sri Lanka again? Well, looks like peeps! In fact, the film in question is also to begin with its shoot, sometime soon and one hears that Jacqueline will be right there, to shoot for her bit! Oh, my, my…now we don’t know what to conclude out of this one? Is Jacqueline feeling left out from Salman’s Kick? Was Kick her last film in Bollywood? Open up in the comments please and stay tuned for more updates!

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Salman"s Girl Jacqueline QUITS Bollywood After Kick ?
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