Salman Khan Gets "BEST BICEPS IN BOLLYWOOD" Title !

Even at the age of 48, we definitely have some power packed abs coming up from someone like Salman Khan! Like really!!! Those shirtless exposes…well we can do anything to get one glimpse of this trendsetter going shirtless there….Steam…Utter steam! So ya, coming to the recent buzz, here’s an update that further crowns him with the hottest title of having ‘Best Biceps in Bollywood!’ Yes, yes, yes! As per a recent poll conducted by the infamous healthsite.com, Salman has been shot high by bagging the number 1 position on this steamy biceps list! Now isn’t that awesome? No doubt he has some hot stuff rolling up his sleeves but what makes this even more exciting is when we further learn that he has comfortably surpassed young brigades like Shahid Kapoor and Hrithik Roshan….Aah…such a star na? So cheering to some Dabbang mania, sound off your comments and stay tuned to Bollywood Uncut/Moviezadda for more updates!

Salman Khan Gets "BEST BICEPS IN BOLLYWOOD" Title !
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