Skater Girl, On Netflix, Achieves What It Sets Out To Do


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A boy takes a ride to his school by sitting on his "bearing car," pushed by his sister. "Faster!" he shouts as if trying to race the wind. His sister obliges. Skater Girl, director Manjari Makijany's new Netflix film, opens with these images. The way she shows the exhilaration of this moment and the laughter on the children's faces by introducing slow motion and upbeat music instantly hooked me to this film. The last time a film made me fall in love with it during its opening itself was The Half of It. If movies are magic, this magic could be surely found at the beginning of both The Half of It and Skater Girl. You sense joy, affection, sweetness and these core feeling remains intact throughout Skater Girl (except for a few scenes but more on those later).

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