Salman, Aamir To Varun: 10 Most Bankable Actors In Bollywood

Gone are the days when a Bollywood or any industry for that matter would have worked only for it’s story or songs etc. Today a star presence in the movie matters a lot.

More than star presence, it is about the lead actors in the movie having that crowd pulling capacity. You may be a superstar, you may not, it really doesn’t matter, at the end of the day all that matters it, can you get people to come to the theatres to watch the movie.

Qissa and Badlapur released, while Qissa has Irrfan Khan, Badlapur has Varun Dhawan as lead actor. Even though few people found flaws in the latter movie, Qissa is said to be a flawless entertainer, both with respect to critics and fans opinion.

But has Qissa generated as much hype as Badlapur or is it running to houseful shows? No! Though Irrfan Khan is a far better actor than Varun and even though his film is also better, he is not a crowd pulling actor.

People would watch Piku because it has Irrfan Khan, Amitabh Bachchan and Deepika Padukone all coming together but if he was the only star in it, Piku would have not created that much hype.

Frankly speaking along with a good script, we need a talented actor who can pull crowd to the theatre. Currently there are very few actors like that because people are not ready to deal with mediocre movies and they want the best.

At a time like this when it is so hard to please the fans with a good movie, here are a few stars who have the capacity to pull people to the theatres and get them to watch the movie.

Later depending on whether it is good or bad, it runs or flops. Check out the list…

10 Most Bankable Actors In Bollywood1 10 Most Bankable Actors In Bollywood2 10 Most Bankable Actors In Bollywood3 10 Most Bankable Actors In Bollywood4 10 Most Bankable Actors In Bollywood5 10 Most Bankable Actors In Bollywood6 10 Most Bankable Actors In Bollywood7 10 Most Bankable Actors In Bollywood8 10 Most Bankable Actors In Bollywood910 Most Bankable Actors In Bollywood10


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Salman, Aamir To Varun: 10 Most Bankable Actors In Bollywood
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