Oscars 2015: Priyanka Chopra And 10 Bollywood Stars Who Made It!

Oscars 2015 is the most happening thing right now with Priyanka Chopra actively taking part as well. She is not nominated but the actress marked her presence at the pre-awards party that was hosted by Frieda Pinto in association with the Vanity Fair.

The actress is surely making her presence felt in the International scene ever since she launched her music album. She is not the first Indian actress who has been trying to desperately to be an International star, but she is definitely among those chosen few who have been successful in doing so.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is the first Indian beauty who obtained immense popularity across the world, to such an extent that not only has she acted in several Hollywood films but she has also attended the Oscars in 2011 and Cannes Film Festival from last 14 years.

Another actress who surpassed this popularity would be Frieda Pinto, she went from being a nobody in Bollywood to becoming a Hollywood star and hosting Vanity Fair’s pre-awards party for her Hollywood colleagues.

Priyanka Chopra is slowly on her way to attain this, she has already made a lot of Hollywood celeb friends, she has made a mark through her music. Its only a matter of time before she becomes a superstar there as well. These three beauties are not the only Bollywood or Indian stars who have made it to the Oscars.

Many actors, directors and technicians have made their mark at the Oscars in the past. From Mehboob Khan’s Mother India to A R Rahman, Aamir Khan, a number of Indian stars have made us proud through their achievements at the Oscars. Here is a list of those few celebrities who made a name for themselves and this country. Take a look at the Bollywood stars who made it to the Oscars…


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The Oscar 2015 will be a grand event like every year seeing performances from best of the musicians and recently added to the list is none other than Lady Gaga.

Oscars 2015: Priyanka Chopra And 10 Bollywood Stars Who Made It!
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