MSG: Messenger Of God Review

After so much of self promotion of Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan, MSG Messenger of God is finally in theaters today. We wonder why?

If you think the film is here to woo the audience, hold back your thoughts right there! Only Gurmeet Ram Rahim’s ardent fans (if any) would want to see the film.

Disclaimer: The story (if you readers are still interested to know) goes like this…

The one and half hour movie time starts with Guru ji (Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan) a spiritual leader with his own devotees who takes on the challenge to take out the evils of the universe by showing his (Rajinikanth) magical side.

Like every film, even this saint is opposed by the evil group.  Will he succeed in his mission (which is so predictable), what are the powers of God that the saint shows makes the rest of the story.

The saint is uber cool who is a mix of Hollywood hero with Bollywood action star. The unbelievable stunts which the Godman performs is just a pure mockery of all. The movie is just waste of time and money. For all the wrong reasons it hit the headlines and was self-promoted, it is just not worth it.

After being denied a release certificate by the censor board last month, the film got the certificate last week. It releases in over 4,000 screens across India. The film has a few cringe-worthy attempts at comedy and Gaurav Gera (the only familiar face in the film) takes the credit for that.

You guys will not feel bad for missing this film in the big screen, only for those audience (ardent fans) who doesn’t care about the logic and would just want to have a hearty laugh (not necessarily in that order) shall watch it! Others please stay away…

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MSG: Messenger Of God Review
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