ETC Bollywood Business | Team "Monsoon" | Komal Nahta | HD

Srishti Sharma, Shahwar Ali and Mahindra Dhariwal of the film ‘Monsoon’ chat with Komal Nahta about their upcoming film. Mahindra speaks about the shooting at Dalhousie and how they had to change the mind of the director so that the movie was made on a commercial basis. Srishti too talks about the scenes of the film which has a different film with a colorful look. Producer Mahindra Dhariwal speaks about how a few Sikh people had raised objection about their film. He also describes the difference between small budget and big films commercially. Shahwar is also the co-producer of the film. He talks about his role in the film which is different than all other roles he has done so far. Komal asks Mahindra about the small budget films and he replies that small budget films make him happy as he gets satisfaction of being the sole owner of the film.

ETC Bollywood Business | Team "Monsoon" | Komal Nahta | HD
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