Vikram"s I Movie Complete Story!

I is a romantic thriller based movie which is directed by S. Shankar and produced by Venu Ravichandran’s Aascar Films. The film stars Vikram and Amy Jackson in the lead roles along with Suresh Gopi, Santhanam and Upen Patel in supporting roles.


I movie story about a muscle man, true love, virus. It’s all starts about Lingesh (Vikram), a bodybuilder son of a Gym owner, Santhanam as Gym Trainee. Later on he wins Mr. Tamil Nadu tiltle.

His competitor villain number one (Ravi) makes Linges tend to be crazy about Diya (Amy), an advertisement model. Diya had problem with her co-model John, he made sexual harassment.

Since Diya denied and ignored him, villain number two (John) crushed her carrier and all her advertisement chance lost. She only had last advertisement to complete to make her come back and survive in modelling and advertisement field. Before that Santhanam made Linges met Diya for the first time in shooting spot, since John made her lost all her chances, Diya decided to call Linges to be her Model n do advertisement in China.

He sacrifices his dream Mr. India for her and moves to China. Ad shoot starts there and director thinks Linges can do well in romance scene, so the director made Diya lied to Linges that she is in love with him. Here comes the Pookaley song (Visual Treat).

Linges’s makeup artist, a transgender Osma Jasmine (third villain) fall for Vikram, but Linges in love with Diya. Osma revealed the truth about Diya’s fake love and made Linges broke apart, but before the shooting over Diya truly falls in love with Linges. This made John and Osma really mad and they tried to kill him in china, but fails. Diya and Linges combo for ad made huge success and his company product sale doubled. John lost all his chances and pushed to do cheap ads. Here comes the fourth villain the Owner of the ad company and product owner wanted linges to act in his Juice product Linges denied the offer because it was unhealthy product and he accidently gave an interview to public and said the same in media, this made huge loss for the company.

Fourth villain and fifth mystery villain joined together to hunt Linges. They injected a H4N1 virus to his body, the virus is so called ‘I’. Diya and Linges marriage preparation was on but Linges turns into hunch back slowly, loses his teeth, hair and got ugly look. The family doctor of Diya Vasudevan (Suresh Gopi) treated Linges but failed.

Then Linges hide himself and stopped the wedding and made people to believe that, he is death. Later Diya’s mother made Diya to marry Vasudevan. By the time other Nuero doctor who examine linges with the help of Santhanam get to know about the virus in his body and told Linges that the virus can curable and also about the real face of Vasudevan.

Vasudevan was the fifth villain; he is the one Injected virus into his body. Here goes Linges kidnapped Diya to avoid get married with Vasudevan, but Diya thought Linges was dead and she can’t recognize Linges with hunchback.

How Vikram saved Diya from villains forms the rest of the story.

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Vikram"s I Movie Complete Story!
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