Upen Patel"s Drama To End Soon; May Leave House This Weekend

Upen Patel’s Drama To End Soon; May Leave House This

The controversial show Bigg Boss 8 is always filled with surprises and twists. The new twist is reportedly said to be Upen Patel‘s exit. Yes, Upen, who was evicted from the Bigg Boss 8 Grand Finale, may be seen leaving the house this weekend.

He has been in limelight since his re-entry. Especially his link up with Karishma Tanna has been top news. He, along with Karishma, are among the strongest contestants in the house. According to a source, Upen is just a guest in the house and will exit from the show this weekend. It has to be noted that in the previous episode while flirting with Karishma, he said they will roam around the world and there is no shortage of money with them.

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For this Karishma asked Upen if he will not stay in the house for long time. Upen, though didn’t reply directly, he diverted the topic by saying, “if our togetherness here is long or short, but outside bigg boss house we will always stay together”.

Is this a clue that he will leave the house soon? A source BiggBossNewz even tweeted about Upen’s exist. BiggBossNewz tweeted, “Exclusive: Our sources inform us that Upen is A guest in the house and will be out this weekend.”

It was said by a leading daily that Upen’s only aim was to make Karishma winner of the show and that’s why he had re-enterd the show. Hmm…. We are still waiting for the winner, but it’s sure that he had made sure to make Karishma retain being in limelight.

Upen Patel"s Drama To End Soon; May Leave House This Weekend
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