Ali Quli Mirza Asks Gautam Gulati For A Kiss On Bigg Boss 8

Bigg Boss 8‘s Ali Quli Mirza was seen asking Gautam Gulati for a kiss recently on the show. After the stream of fights the two have had on the show, they are seen taking the gay route in the end.

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Gautam and Ali have been in news for quite a while for their fights and attempts at instigating the other. Now, after all the drama during the call center task when Gautam asked Ali question related to the information he got from Ajaz Khan and Ali calling Gautam the next day for revenge and throwing accusations at him, the two seem to have given up on the fights and have taken the gay route, of course for fun.

During the phone call Ali makes for Gautam to instigate him, Ali would mention the birthmark Gautam has under his lips. Gautam found it weird since not even the ladies have given it a notice but Ali has. Post this, Ali started pestering Gautam for a “mounth-to-mounth” which he keeps mentioning.

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With the rest of the household going nuts with the situation, Gautam took it quite sportingly and was seen going along with it for fun. Bigg Boss 8‘s loud mouth, Ali continued to torment Gautam by teasing him and asking him for a kiss and even threatening to kiss him as well. The entire scenario was most hilarious at the expense of Gautam, of course.

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gautam gulati photos

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Ali Quli Mirza Asks Gautam Gulati For A Kiss On Bigg Boss 8
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