Watch Ranveer Singh Talk About Sex!

Ranveer Singh, the latest sex icon of the country, thanks to his hot Durex condom ad, is back for the Rex Talk or should I say the “SEX TALK”? For a new a Safe Sex initiative by Durex and MTV to get sex out of the closet, Ranveer Singh is talking about sex and will be getting you to talk about it openly so as to spread sex awareness among the people of the country.

ranveer web showRanveer Singh introducing Durex MTV Rex Talk with a tagline “We want to create a world with better, safer sex. Let’s get people talking!” In this 2 minute video Ranveer talks about the mentality of Indian people and their fear to talk about sex. He asks people to get practical and think about about they were born if their parents had not made love to each other.

Ranveer said, “Sex is a beautiful and perfectly natural phenomenon. Everyone does it and by no means is it a bad or evil thing. So, there’s really no reason to be cagey about it.” Watch Ranveer Singh talk about sex!

Watch Ranveer Singh Talk About Sex!
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