Gautam Resembles Salman, Thinks Diandra Soares


After being almost scandalised with Diandra Soares’ act of kissing in front of everyone,  went speechless for a long time. And for obvious reasons. After all, even we didn’t expect Diandra to lock lips with Gauti on national television.

Post the kissing incident, Diandra and Gautam, like always were seen spending some quality time chatting away with each other. It is during this lovey-dovey conversation, Diandra confessed that Gautam has too much resemblance with Salman KhanGautam. A little amused by the comment, he told her she was the fourth or fifth person telling him the same thing.

Later, Diandra also expressed to her other pals in the house about how badly she wants to party once she comes out, especially after meeting the contestants, who were out of the show.

Gautam Resembles Salman, Thinks Diandra Soares
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