Bigg Boss 8 Inmates Who Love Provoking Fights; Ali-Karishma On Top!

Bigg Boss is known for fights and spats and the current season, Bigg Boss 8, is not far behind. Here are the list of the contestants who love provoking fights in the house necessarily or unnecessarily. Ali Quli Mirza and Karishma Tanna as expected top the list.

Colors Tv’s Bigg Boss is known for all the controversies in the world. Huge fights and romantic relationships go hand in hand in the house. These big fights not only increase the show’s TRP but also became the most debated topics on social media platforms. The fights and so called ugly spat between all the contestants help them gain stardom once they are out of the house.

We bring to you the list of the contestants who love provoking fights in the house.

Karishma Tanna: Known for her selfish attitude and self-centred behaviour Miss Tanna obviously has to top the list. She is among those people in the house who have had the major fights in this season. Be it the fight with Gautam Gulati or the elderly Puneet Issar, Karishma has made sure she instigates the fight among any two members of the house daily.

Ali Quli Mirza: The wild-card entrant is also known as the double-dholki of the house. He has provoked Sonali like a million times to go forward and fight but, it always turns the other way and Ali is caught in his own trap.

Dimpy Mahajan: She was the main reason behind the split of the P3G group, hope all of you remember that! Dimpy was also blamed by Preetam for spoiling many relationships in the house.

Puneet Issar: He is the well-known mastermind of the Bigg Boss house. Arya after leaving the show told it in public that there is no one else in the house who is playing a dirty game as Puneet Ji. He first makes personal family relationships with inmates and then indulges in provoking them to fight with the others.

Diandra Soares: Diandra, who is known for her straight forward attitude too has many times got into ugly fights. Her fight with Ali was one of the most talked about tiffs on the show. Her on and off rapport with Gautam too grabbed eyeballs.

Sushant Digivikar: Sushant, who was friendly with all the contestants in the house was seen instigating people on the show. He was upset with Karishma after she chose make-up over her friendship and this sparked off such a reaction. There is still much to happen in the house…let’s wait for something bigger and better to happen!

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Bigg Boss 8 Inmates Who Love Provoking Fights; Ali-Karishma On Top!
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